Buy, Sell and Trade


We Buy, Sell, and Trade, one gun to one hundred.

Have a firearm you no longer want or need? We accept qualified guns for purchase or consignment.

For consignments, we will thoroughly inspect your firearm, discuss possible price ranges, and whether consignment is a good option for your gun. If we agree we will sign an agreement with you to sell your firearm at a minimum (or above) selling price. The state of California has imposed a 30 day period from the date of acquisition before any firearm may be sold so there will be a minimum of 40 days from the date a gun is brought in for consignment before it leaves our doors. Once your consigned item is sold, background paperwork completed, and final payment is made by the buyer, you will be contacted and payment made to you. You may pick up your check at Barnwood Arms, or elect to have your payment mailed.  If your item is not sold, then by law you, as the Consignor, are subject to a background check as if you were purchasing a gun that was new to you.

We also buy and trade firearms. We will thoroughly inspect your firearm, consult the blue book or other resources,  based on the condition and current value of your gun we will make you an offer to purchase or if you choose, to trade towards something else.

We also offer appraisal services.

Do you need to get grandpa’s gun insured, or are you just curious about the value of a gun you have? Bring it in and we can give you an informed value on the gun.  We offer both informal appraisals which include a short inspection of the gun and an informed valuation of the gun.

We also offer formal written appraisals for insurance or probate needs, this is a more detailed service which will give a full inspection and description of the gun along with a current valuation.