Gun Range

Gun Range Photo

Barnwood Arms is a first-class shooting range with seven indoor lanes.

  • We allow pistols, and rifles in handgun calibers. If you are not sure if your rifle is acceptable, just ask one of our staff members.
  • We have plenty of ammunition for sale for use in the range. If you choose, you
    may use your own ammunition in your own guns. However, if you rent our
    firearms, you must purchase and use our ammunition in our guns.
  • We allow all ages in our range, as long they are accompanied by a responsible,
    supervising shooter 21 years of age or older. We always encourage good
    judgment when it comes to young children in the range. Please note that while
    we care about your children, we cannot be babysitters for your children.
  • We have shooting range rules that must be followed at all times (see Rules &
    Regulations) and we ask you to read and become familiar with them before you
    shoot in our gun range. Your enjoyment is important, but everyone’s safety is our
    top priority.