Rules & Regulations

Four Fundamental Gun Safety Rules:
***If you forget everything else, remember these!***

 1. Treat all firearms as loaded, until you have personally inspected the firearm.

2. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. (down range)

3. Always keep your finger off the trigger and trigger guard until your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.

4. Be sure of your target and what is around and beyond it.

Some Other Really Smart Firearm Safety Rules

1. Be sure your gun is safe and know how to use it properly. We can help with this.

2. This range is a “hot” range meaning firing can commence at any time.
Everyone must remain behind the firing line at all times.

3. Use only the correct ammunition for your gun; do not expose ammunition
to water or solvents.

4. Remember that the “safety” on a firearm is a mechanical device that can

5. Know your target and what is beyond it. Bullets do not fall harmlessly to the
ground after they have struck the target.

6. Wear proper eye and ear protection, as appropriate, at all times.

7. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

8. Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

9. When gripping a semi-automatic pistol, always keep both thumbs on the
same side of the gun. If you don’t know why, ask us. If you don’t believe us,
we have Band-Aids for you.

10. When a cartridge fails to fire immediately, it could be a hang-fire or misfire:

A. Keep firearm pointed downrange
B. If possible, engage the safety on the firearm
C. Place the firearm on the bench
D. Notify the Range Employee immediately
E. Do not attempt to correct it yourself

11. Four steps to safely unload a generic semi-automatic firearm with
detachable magazine:

A. Keep firearms pointed in safe direction
B. Remove the magazine
C. Lock the slide back or action open
D. Inspect the chamber

Important Range Operations Rules and Procedures

1. All federal, state and local firearms laws must be obeyed.

2. All firearms and ammo are subject to inspection and approval by Barnwood
Arms personnel.

3. All firearms handling must occur within the confines of the shooting
booth. All LOADING of firearms and magazines must occur within the
confines of the shooting booth.

4. All firearms not in use must be unloaded and in a holster, or unloaded with
the action open and the magazine removed, or unloaded and encased.

5. All shooters must read the Barnwood Arms range safety rules and sign the
waiver sheet.

6. Sharing a lane is allowed, however only one person may shoot at a time.

7. When aiming a firearm, shooters should attempt to focus their eyes on the
front sight since it is impossible to focus on the rear sight, front sight and
target all at the same time.

8. Anyone under 21 shooting a handgun must be accompanied by an adult 21
years or older. Anyone under 18 shooting a long gun must be accompanied
by an adult 21 years or older.

9. Food, beverages, and smoking are prohibited on the range. (We’re not
trying to starve you — this is an OSHA regulation!) We have drinks available
when you come out of the range!

10. Muzzle loaders are welcome, with our supervision. 209 Primer or
Percussion Cap only. No Flintlock. Synthetic Powders Only.

11. Rapid Fire is NOT allowed. At least one full second between shots. Double
taps only are ok.

12. Rifles in handgun calibers are allowed.

13. Tracer, armor piercing, steel core, and frangible ammunition are
prohibited. We’re not kidding.

14. Commands issued by range personnel must be obeyed immediately and
without question.

15. When the command “cease fire” is given

A. Stop shooting immediately,
B. Remove your finger from the trigger,
C. Keep the gun pointed downrange and place your firearm on the
D. Then wait for further instructions from the range officer.

16. Note: Any shooter may call a “cease fire” if he/she observes an unsafe

17. Accidental discharges, damages or injuries must be reported immediately.

18. No one other than range personnel may go forward of the firing line unless
authorized or instructed to do so by the range safety officer.

19. When the line is declared “cold”:

A. All firearms must be unloaded and benched/grounded, with the
muzzle pointed down range, the action open, the ejection
port/cylinder up and the magazine removed.
B. Everyone must step back from the firing line, behind the shooting
C. No firearm may be handled while the line is “cold”.

20. Shoot only at approved paper targets, placed at eye level, to ensure that
your shots strike the backstop and not the ceiling. A shot will hit the target
high when the front sight is higher than the rear sight. (If you are making ”
head shots” on your target, lower your targets on the backers to avoid
hitting the range ceiling.)

21. Cross firing at targets is prohibited.

22. All firing from within the shooting booth must be aimed fire.

23. Drawing from a holster and firing is prohibited. Lying down and shooting is
also prohibited.

24. The shooting bench from the shooting stalls may only be removed for
handicap accessibility.

25. You may collect only the brass that is in your stall or behind the firing line
of your shooting stall. Brass from other shooters and all brass that falls in
front of the firing line may not be collected
Note: When finished shooting, please use brooms provided to push spent
brass onto the range floor.

26. Competitions held at the range will be conducted in accordance with
official NRA rules or the sanctioning body of the match.

27. Always wash your hands and face immediately after shooting. Sinks are
located in the facilities restrooms.

Failure to abide by any safety rule may result in a reprimand or your removal
from the range.