Safety Tips

Firearm safety is your responsibility. The experts at Barnwood Arms have offered some tips below to help you enjoy safe shooting.

  1. Before handling any firearm, understand its operation and familiarize yourself with its mechanical features. If you feel uncertain about any aspects of your firearm, contact Barnwood Arms before proceeding with its operation- we’ll be glad to help.
  2. There is no excuse for careless horseplay or abusive handling of your firearm. At all times handle your firearm with intense respect for its power and potential danger.
  3. Be sure you know your target and what’s beyond it. Bullets can travel through a target, or even glance off surfaces like rocks or the surface of water and travel in unpredictable directions with considerable velocity.
  4. While Hollywood makes it look cool, never fire randomly into the sky. Every bullet that is fired up, must come down, creating a potential danger to you or someone else.
  5. Make sure to wear appropriate eye and ear protection whenever shooting or around someone else who is shooting.
  6. Always make certain your firearm is unloaded before crossing a fence, climbing a tree, using a pommel horse, jumping a ditch or negotiating other obstacles.
  7. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting. Further, do not use your firearm if you are on any medication which impairs, even slightly, your mental or physical ability.
  8. When using reloaded or handloaded ammunition, use caution and common sense. These types of ammunition have not been subjected to internal ballistic pressure testing and can be dangerous. If you want to know more about reloading come talk to us a Barnwood Arms.
  9. Mud, water, snow, or other objects may inadvertently lodge in the barrel bore. A small obstruction may damage your firearm or cause serious injury, so always check that the barrel is clear before shooting.
  10. Don’t ever disassemble your firearm beyond the field stripping procedure outlined in the manual that accompanied your firearm.  Barnwood Arms has a gunsmith who can help you keep your gun in great working order.
  11. Every time you clean your firearm, check it for signs of wear. If you find a problem, return it to the manufacturer for service or take it by Barnwood Arms where our gunsmith can provide expert help.
  12. When storing your firearm, do not encase it in anything that will hold moisture, like leather or heavy cloth. Also, don’t plug the barrel, as this can contribute to moisture in the barrel as well. For safe and secure storage options, consult with the professionals at Barnwood Arms.
  13. Always store your firearm and ammunition separately, in a place that is not accessible to children or any other unauthorized person. For safe and secure storage options, consult with the professionals at Barnwood Arms.
  14. Never transport a loaded firearm, unless you are legally concealed carrying. Make sure your gun is locked and unloaded when you’re on the move.
  15. Be a respectful hunter. Never poach a game animal out of season or shoot a game animal you don’t intend to eat.
  16. Never use a gun-mounted scope as a general purpose spotting scope. This may cause you to accidentally aim your firearm at fellow hunters or other non-targets.
  17. When unloading your firearm, avoid working the cartridges through the action one at a time. Instead, drop the magazine and then eject the round that may be left in the chamber. Never assume that only removing the magazine renders a gun safe.
  18. Always use a holster that is specifically designed to fit your firearm, covering the trigger guard and allowing you to obtain a secure grip on your handgun while it is still holstered.
  19. Avoid carrying a defensive firearm in a normal purse or briefcase, as this makes the firearm vulnerable to being stolen and slows down accessibility to the firearm if it is ever needed. Come to Barnwood Arms for lots of conceal carry options for men and women.
  20. In the event of a misfire or any unusual sound or recoil when shooting, keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, remove your finger from the trigger, wait ten seconds, then eject the cartridge and properly dispose of it.
  21. If you keep firearms in your home, you can promote safety and reduce your child’s natural curiosity about firearms through proper training and controlled, closely supervised access to firearms. Barnwood Arms reminds you that it’s illegal to allow minors unauthorized access to firearms. We’d be glad to show you safe and secure storage options.