Identification Requirements for Firearms Purchases

If you are purchasing a firearm, please check your documentation. We will not be able to sell you a firearm without proper identification!

YOU WILL NEED:  A California Drivers License or a California Identification card. (NO
passports) The License or ID card must:

  • Be current and valid (not expired or withdrawn)
  • Have your current residential address (where you live, NO PO Box)
  • Spelling must be accurate on both your name and address

Acceptable State required proof of residency. (Needed for the purchase of a handgun.)

  • PG&E bill
  • Home Phone (not cell) bill
  • Lease agreement
  • Property tax bill
  • Mortgage bill
  • Car / Motorcycle registration
  • CCW
  • Expose Carry Guard Card
  • Utility Bill (MID, TID, SSJID, etc.)
  • Direct TV
  • Comcast TV
  • Dish Network

***If your Drivers License or Identification card has the INCORRECT address listed or a PO Box, you will need additional documentation to correct the address on your

Acceptable forms included (MUST BE GOVERNMENT ISSUE):

  • Valid DMV Registration
  • DMV Information Request Form
  • Medical Examiners Card
  • Aviation Card
  • Valid Hunting License
  • Valid YEARLY Fishing License (No one or two day)
  • CCW Permit
  • City Utility Bill (i.e., City of Ripon, City of Modesto, City of Escalon)
  • Property Tax bill

All forms of documentation must have the correct spelling of your name and address!
They must be valid, not expired.
**Disclaimer** DMV Change of Address cards (brown DL43 card) or a utility bill that is
NOT government issue will no longer be accepted by ATF for an address correction!!!